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Herb Mint Facial Mask for Beautiful and Healthy Face

Herb Mint Facial Mask for Beautiful and Healthy Face

Herb mint facial mask is powerful masking which will give your face a powerful cleaner for your face and also it will give you a healthy skin in your face. As we know, mint itself has already contained many beneficial elements for our body. There is plenty of use of mint, not only for application in the face but also in other health treatment for our body. 

Mint has a cool effect on our face which will make our face feel relaxed. The feeling of freshness of mint in the facial mask is the fresh feeling we get while we enjoy mints in candy or tea. It reduces the tension in the face and makes it more relaxed.

The Benefits inside Herb Mint Facial Masking

Herb mint facial masking gives natural protection to our face. Herb mint facial mask contains anti-microbial, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial elements. 

The anti-antibacterial and anti-microbial elements will kill bad bacteria and microbes so your skin will be cleaned from these parasites and the antiseptic will neutralize the poison created by the bacteria and microbes and keep them sterilized. These advantages make these mints really good for curing some facial skin disease and other skin problem like inflammatory.

The other benefit of the herb mint facial mask is that it has an astringent element and salicylic acid. The astringent element can create soft coagulation of protein in our skin so it will make a protective membrane in our facial skin. 

These astringents can fight the growth of acne in our face and also can be used for healing other irritation on skins like allergies, fungal irritation, or insect stings or bites. The salicylic acid also works as acne healing as it becomes one of the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial elements.


The Anti-Oxidant in Facial Mask of Herb Mints

Besides all of those important elements inside the facial mask of herb mints, there is anti-oxidant which really useful in protecting our facial skin. This anti-oxidant in the homemade facial mask is an element that can guard our skin against free radical damage. 

Radical elements are highly oxidative elements which easily react with another molecule, even with the same molecule and create oxidation in our skin. Too many oxidations in our skin can damage its cell or even kill the cell.

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