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Creating Your Own Homemade Facial Mask

Homemade Facial Mask

    Creating Your Own Homemade Facial Mask

The facial mask is one of the ways to keep your facial skin healthy and gorgeous. Nowadays, there are many facial mask products that you can find in the stores. However, many people decide to create a homemade facial mask. It’s healthy and you can use it over and over again because it’s consisted of natural ingredients, such as fruits. These are tips to create a homemade facial mask for different benefits into your facial skin as well as what kind of ingredients that you can be the bases for your facial mask.

Kinds of Homemade Facial Masks and Their Advantages

Oatmeal is good as an Exfoliator. Egg and honey will be suitable for your acne skin. Coconut will make your skin moist. Every natural ingredient has its own advantages; you just need to create a homemade facial mask based on your needs.


 Avocado is not only delicious. If you have avocado as your leftover, you should use it as your facial mask. This creamy fruit has fatty acids, biotin, and vitamin A. If you have dry skin, the avocado will become your skin’s moisturizer as the result of the fatty acids. Meanwhile, combining one tablespoon of avocado with one tablespoon of oats powder will create a great Exfoliator for your facial skin. After preparing the ingredients, you just apply it into your face for 10-15 minutes or even longer until the mixture dries.

Honey will give a sweet result for your facial skin. Honey is included as a flexible ingredient because it can be mixed with other ingredients. Combination of one tablespoon of honey with one mashed banana will give an excellent result for dry skin. This mixture also will make your skin to be softer. You should combine the mixture until it reaches a smooth paste form.

After applying it into your face, you should wait until 10-15 minutes. Beside that mixture, honey will also good to hydrate your facial skin. You just need to mix one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of mashed avocado, and one teaspoon of coconut oil. While applying this mixture into your facial skin, the result will be better if you also massage your skin at the same time. After 10-15 minutes, you can clean up your face. And if there’s a coconut oil left in your facial skin, you can use tissue paper to absorb it.

Tips for Homemade Facial Mask

Before applying the mask, your face needs to be cleaned first. This rule is also available if you use an instant facial mask that you can buy in the store. Some ingredients in a homemade facial mask will work better if you use a steamer to open up your pores. And if you want to close your pores, you just use an ice pack or ice cube that is already covered with a soft towel. If you cannot apply the mask directly, you can keep the mixture in your refrigerator for five until seven days only. Some facial masks that use egg white as one of their ingredients require you to use a facial brush; it’s very useful to make the applying process easier and less messy. After wearing the facial mask, you shouldn’t use soap to clean up your face.

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